Personal branding, part 2 – the story you tell!

The second day of an intense workshop organised by Alumni SEB LUPersonal Branding with Xoogler Lazar Džamić continued on the 13th of October, 2021. The day oppened with a discussion on the concept of the ‘jagged profile’, how a brand is a mental construct and other sections from the previous day.

The next module was all about communication styles and the miscommunication that may come out of the poor understanding of them. A natural human trait which holds us back is that everyone expects that other people will talk the way they do. This is not the reality at all, explained Lazar Džamić, Xoogler, Content & Storytelling Trainer and University Lecturer as he emphasises that communication style should be adaptable and changeable to present personal brand at its best. At this point, he gave the participants a very valuable feedback technique called G.I.F.T., as well as a brainstorming method called ‘Greenghousing’ used by Google.

As the title indicated the personal brand was the centre of this workshop’s story and how one tells it means everything. To tell it like a story is an art and Lazar Džamić, Xoogler shared the tricks he used in his way of becoming a brand. “There are no boring topics, only boring ways to talk about them,” he continued as he moved to the importance of personal mantras or slogans if you want to use the marketing term.

Yet again everything is contextual. The story, the communication, the memorable aspects, one’s tone and narration or the archetype one presents should be well packed and used as a part of a brand to build a public presence. Personalize your email, he suggested, use your mantra in your signature, modify the subject lines, use GIFs, be creative in any way to show your personal brand to the world.

“Wow, what a workshop! Personal branding par excellence! I don’t consider myself a complete newbie on branding and storytelling – but there were so many aha moments! Lazar has such unique knowledge which you simply can’t get anywhere else. I wish there would be an advanced workshop or that he decides to open something like a storytelling academy. I would definitely be the first one to sign up and soak more of his knowledge. Outstanding and inspiring!” said Alenka, one of the participants.

Like all great things, this intense workshop Personal brand had to end. And what better way to end it with an evaluation of your brand. How do you know if it works? By the feedback you get, stated Lazar Džamić, Xoogler. In a form of qualitative and quantitive metrics, and the best one of all, when people you are surrounded by, the coworkers, colleagues, bosses tell you your presence was missed when you are not around.

Author: Danica Tajčman, Efnews